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Eileen Rawson - Feng Shui Consultant - FSNI Accredited Property Developer
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Eileen Rawson - Feng Shui Consultant - FSNI Accredited Property Developer
Eileen Rawson - Feng Shui Consultant - FSNI Accredited Property Developer
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9 Star Ki Astrology
                             "reach for the stars and they will come down to meet you"
                                             "What's Your Number?"
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The 9 STAR Ki is an astrological system which uses your birth date to determine your personality, emotional character and surface nature.  It also helps to calculate how the year is affecting you energetically.  By determining your 9 Ki numbers (of which there are 3), I am able to calculate which of the energy houses you are occupying in any one particular year, the influence that house may be having upon your life, and how it is affecting your ki energy.  I am then able to advise you accordingly. Your chart will reveal the compatibility of relationships and their emotional dynamics.  Everybody experiences high and low energy years and months at one time or another.  By calculating your 9 Ki chart one can enhance and improve any effect the nine energy houses may be having upon you.

9 Star Ki Astrology is a powerful medium when used within the work environment, giving valuable insight into employees, their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and is routinely used within the Japanese workplace.  By determining your 9 Ki numbers I am then able to establish your Ming Kua.

Your Ming Kua is an integral part of the Chinese Compass School system. This enables me to calculate your auspicious and inauspicious compass directions and the effect they may be having upon you within your home or business setting.  This forms an essential part of any consultation.

To determine your Principle 9 Star Ki Number simply add the 2 last digits of your year together and substract from 10.  For example, someone born in July 1961, would add 6+1 = 7, and  7-10 = 3.  Therefore someone born in July 1961 would be a '3 wood' person.

However if you were born before February 4th you don't go by the year you were born, but the year before.  This is because the Chinese new year begins in February, not January. Therefore someone born in January 1961 would simply go by the year before which was 1960.    6+0 = 6 and  6-10 = 4.  Therefore someone born in January 1960 would be a 4 wood, and so it goes on.  For anyone born during or after the year 2000,  subtract your total number from 9, as  the year 2000 is a '9 fire' year.

Number Definitions in Brief:

Please note that this is just a small part of the the 9 Ki system.  As in western astrology, where you have your rising sign, your sun sign (the one most of us know) and your moon sign, in 9 Star Ki Astrology, 3 numbers make up your chart. These numbers are then placed into the Bagua in order to define how you perceive and experience your world, and how your perceptions impact your world. 

1 Water:

1-Waters are generally prone to procrastination and indecision. They never like to answer a direct question straightaway, instead preferring to give some time to careful deliberation before responding. They absolutely hate being put on the spot.  Deep thinkers, they often have problems when it comes to communicating what they want to put across, a trait that they are often not aware of.  So when others misunderstand them or look confused, the 1-Water personality can often read this as ignorance.  They have a rather enigmatic quality which sometimes can make them seem quite superficial and bigotted at times. However the 1 Water has great strength and endurance, as life has often taught them quite harsh lessons.  Often being the subject of constant change, the 1 Water does well to learn to be fluid, flexible and adaptable when it comes to life's journey.

2 Earth:

2 Earth, known as the natural carer of the Bagua.  2 Earth's tend to be very detail minded and can have a tendency towards fussiness, particularly if allowed to get away with it at a young age.  However, they are diplomatic by nature and someone you can total rely on if necessary.  Often a 2 Earth will take up a profession that involves looking after others in some way,  this can take many forms from nursing right on through to accountancy - as long as it fulfils their need to care.  They need order in their lives, in order to maintain equilibrium, and also need to be or feel appreciated, or they can turn in on themselves losing their sense of direction.

3 Wood:

3 Wood is a spontaneous being, representative of 'spring' energy.  The 3 Wood character has a thunderlike quality to them, bringing change where ever they may be.  Their life is often a reflection of this as they oftentimes face one challenge after another, as they learn and grow into themselves and their abilities.  They can be brash and loud, unlike the 4 Wood who is a gentler version of wood energy.  However the 3 Wood is a very loyal friend who will stand by their compatriots or principles regardless of whose feather's they may ruffle in the process.  Known as the most psychic number in the Bagua, the 3 Wood is a highly intuitive individual who often finds themselves working in professions that utilise this finely tuned ability.

4 Wood:

4-Wood's tend to be very creative individuals, and if this number holds the middle position of the 9 Ki chart, (ie if it represents the emotional number), then they can tend to be highly sensitive individuals too.  Representing the energy of wind they tend to have a gentle, supportive and helpful nature and are easily influenced by their surroundings and those closest to them.  They can easily appear to others as very charming and open individuals, and as such would make great mediators.  However it must be noted that it is not beneath the 4-Wood to use this ability in order to bring others around to their way of thinking, if they deem it necessary.  The 4-Wood personality can express themselves as quite ambitious characters, nonetheless this is an outward expression of what is truly a vulnerable side to their being.

5 Earth:

The 5-Earth is an individual who loves involvement in all that is going on around them.  They like to be seen to be doing. A very family orientated number, they like to be in the centre of the action, but often, if asked, will deny that this an intrinsic part of their character.   They generally find others in need of their advice, but then are unable to bring any benefit to their own lives when it comes to resolving issues. Others find them very solid and stable individuals, however the 5-Earth can sometimes feel that life is constantly changing for them, which can sometimes make them feel quite insecure.  They take neither criticism nor advice particularly well and consequently have to learn from their own mistakes.  Others generally look to them for leadership, but they need to take care where those same individuals may well take advantage of their helpful nature.

6 Metal:

6 Metal is the Father of the 9 Ki system, whereas 2-Earth is the Mother.  As such 6-Metals tend to be strong individuals, very aware of their own wants and needs.  That is except where 6 represents the middle emotional number. In this instance parents need to be aware that when reprimanding the young 6-Metal individual, that they do it in such a way so as not to be overcritical.  This is because the 6-Metal child can be over-critical of themselves anyway and this will only serve to damage their delicate self esteem.   6-Metal individuals can be very capable with finance and they have a natural ability to accumulate wealth.  They often take on heavy responsibilities at a very early age.   While they are very sincere and forthright individuals, however, they are also often overbearing and need to watch this tendency, lest they lose some very dear friends in the process of speaking their minds.

7 Metal:

7-Metals are the natural hosts of the 9 Ki system, they have a fun-loving, child-like quality to them - natural born entertainers. They are excellent orators and can charm those around them with their eloquent use of language.   But don't be deceived into believing all that they say, as sometimes it can conceal that in all actuality they may not have a clue of what they are talking about at all.    They come across as relaxed and easy-going individuals, however their number represents the energy of Lake, which while appearing calm on the surface, can conceal much deeper emotions waiting to be exposed lying way beneath.

8 Mountain:

8-Mountain can be a strong and supportive individual, very aware of their familial responsibilities. They are very private individuals, who oftentimes will repair to their cave in times of stress. Their loved ones may well find this one of their most annoying qualities, as just when they would like to talk through their issues, the 8-Mountain character is wanting to think things through in their own time. These individiuals find it the most difficult to cope with change out of all the Ki numbers.  Imagine changing the mountain and you get the idea.  Representative of the 'youngest son' in the Ki system, they can be quite self centred and greedy at times.

9 Fire:

9-Fires are easily the most gregarious of all the Ki numbers.  Representing the area of Illumination in the Bagua, it is natural that they light up a room whenever they enter. They are a natural when it comes to PR, and should seriously consider this as a career option. The 9-Fire men are very yang in nature, and tend towards water sports as a career choice or hobby at least, an interest often not shared by the feminine side of the 9-Fires.  As children, 9-Fires need strict discipline if they are to function well as adults.  9-Fire personalities are very good at getting their views over, and as such may generally find themselves placed in the role of spokesperson. Often blessed with an 'easy life', they can sometimes be totally oblivious to the struggles others may have experienced in their own lives.

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