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Eileen Rawson - Feng Shui Consultant - FSNI Accredited Property Developer
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Eileen Rawson - Feng Shui Consultant - FSNI Accredited Property Developer
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Welcome to the Eileen Rawson Feng Shui  & Property Consultancy

Feng Shui Consultations & Seminars Worldwide By Appointment 

 Testimonials                                 NEW:  Angelic Reiki

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Read what others had to say about their personal experiences and their success  after Eileen Rawson advised them on how to improve their life.  Simply click here to read more. 

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'The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the hand of the Divine.  Part of this knowledge which we will give to you is that system which is now known as angelic Reiki.'  Archangel Metatron

To find out more about this fascinating subject, click on Angelic Reiki

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Eileen is featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine October 2012

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Feng Shui: Space Clearing:

* Are You Fed Up With Your Finances? 
* Do You Have No Job Satisfaction?
* Looking For That Special Someone?
* Is Life Stressing You Out? 
* Is Your Health Suffering?

Most people wish that their life could be easier, happier, healthier or financially more stable. If only they could find the right job, opportunity or meet the right person.

Simply Put Feng Shui is a way of living harmoniously with the natural world.  It is aligning the fortunes of an individual with the life force of the universe.  The primary aim & purpose of a consultation is to help you to feel comfortable and energised within your home or workplace, and your life will defintely change as a result of Feng Shui.

But did you realise that the shape of your home, or the position of your desk could be having a direct effect upon your life? Whether you are wanting to find a new partner or enhance an existing relationship, improve your career or wealth, travel more or sell your existing home, I can help you to realise all of your dreams. Make a commitment to changing your life today by booking a consultation.    

To find out more about how Feng Shui can help you to take back control and change your life for the better, click here


Every environment tells a story, and sometimes that story can include trauma and distress.   This can cause us to become stuck and stagnant in our lives, and unable to move on.

By simply raising the vibrational energy of a space we can bring about fundamental change in our lives, allowing us to move forward in life and experience a more positive, harmonious and healthier lifestyle.

Regular space clearing is fundamental to a positive, fulfilling and healthy way of life.    Click on Space Clearing and begin to bring posiitve change into your life today.

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Eileen's On Facebook: The Ghosthuntress

NEW: Spiritual Assessments

image alt textA Spiritual Assessment can assist you in understanding your true role in life.

Eileen is now offering the unique opportunity to have your own personal Spiritual Assessment. A Spiritual Assessment will look at where you are now in your development, your unique spiritual needs, which areas of your work are best suited to your needs, and whether you are fulfilling your needs.  Book Your Spiritual Assessment NOW!

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